Would you like me to do posts on something other than Minecraft? NO! NOT ALLOWED! TOO BAD!

With all the new mods and such, Minecraft is getting to be a crazy multiplayer game. This will be a picture post about the things people build in multiplayer Minecraft.


This is all legit. I love the little touches on this one. Plus, what’s that round thing in the background?


The domed roof got me here. I like how it seems there are multiple wings.


This is simply insane. I like the streetlamps leading up to the entrance.


Self-explanatory. Now excuse me while I go find my lower jaw.


This is absolutely massive. Obviously someone had a lot of sugarcane and nothing to do with it.


This has a fountain. I am pleased.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever built in Minecraft?

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SARtek Airdrop!

I’ve jumped out of a burning plane right before it exploded. On the Internet. In reality, I tend to cling to existence. This cannot be said for the SARs that completed a parachute drop on the field outside the school today. Although one of them did three or four accidental barrel rolls while still quite high up, all three of them ended up on the field eventually. (The one who did the barrel rolls tried to make up for it by doing a guitar slide on landing.) Do you want to go skydiving? Why? Why not? Why am I starting to sound like a math textbook? Why is this post so short? Why? Why? WYH??

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This is my first video gaming post in a while! Yay!

This is one of my favorite games on Steam (Steam is a sort of game marketplace for your computer). The campaign is fun, the level editor is funner, and the online multiplayer is funnerest! DID I MENTION THAT ALL OF THIS IS FREE? That’s right. F-R-E-E. The game looks beautiful, plays awesomely, and never actually ends. There are special “Black Cup” races that can only be unlocked by doing crazy stuff like getting all of the medals in the game and spending 10 minutes in the air. That stuff is really hard to do (unless you cheat and make a custom track solely for that purpose), so you constantly have something to work towards. All in all, Trackmania Nations Forever (you finally know the name of this game! YAY!) is an amazingly well-done, well-rendered masterpiece.

This post is purposely short. Get the game so you know what I’m talking about.

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Getting wet in a sailboat is a given. However, to get truly wet, you need a sailboat with a non-waterproof bottom and no walls. Like the one I was forced into. Aside from getting way too wet, cold, and grumpy, I also got more than my money’s worth of screaming in my ears. Although there were some calm(er) moments, mainly I was trying not to get seawaterlogged. Word to the wise- do not try this at home. I learned a FEW things (not on purpose-don’t look at me like that! Geeze!) but only some of them apply to real life. Here they are.

1. Don’t trust anyone, ever. I was tricked into entering a boat-and instantly regretted it.

2. Don’t agree to anything that involves chocolate as a reward. This is how I was tricked into the boat.

3. Only go in boats with waterproof bottoms. Self-explanatory.


Hello peasants! I’m here to tell you about THE HUZZAHNIAN GOODWILL COUNCIL. This¬†council has 3 people in it at present. These peepholes are Jack, Max, and Meghan. We chose them by voting, and we attempted to keep the election free and fair. For instance, Matt broke BOTH OF HIS ARMS the day before the election. Silly Matt! However, since our election is free and fair, someone came to his bedside to give his vote. However, someone put AN AD in the voting booth! Of course, it was taken down. Then, someone was asking people to VOTE FOR THEM! (GASP!!) They were kicked out by the scrutineer. Have you ever had a class president/king/evil overlord?

me lerns stuf

93296381_312ebc352dLaughing Donkey, by Jaxxon.

I do actually learn stuff occasionally. Right now I am hoping someone will show me how to embed video, so all of you normal(?) people will glimpse the weird that goes on in my head. Outside of school, a friend is showing me how to grief in video games. Griefing is essentially hacking without hacking. That means using glitches and bugs to make life hard for people. I am also learning to bake.