Would you like me to do posts on something other than Minecraft? NO! NOT ALLOWED! TOO BAD!

With all the new mods and such, Minecraft is getting to be a crazy multiplayer game. This will be a picture post about the things people build in multiplayer Minecraft.


This is all legit. I love the little touches on this one. Plus, what’s that round thing in the background?


The domed roof got me here. I like how it seems there are multiple wings.


This is simply insane. I like the streetlamps leading up to the entrance.


Self-explanatory. Now excuse me while I go find my lower jaw.


This is absolutely massive. Obviously someone had a lot of sugarcane and nothing to do with it.


This has a fountain. I am pleased.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever built in Minecraft?

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This is my first video gaming post in a while! Yay!

This is one of my favorite games on Steam (Steam is a sort of game marketplace for your computer). The campaign is fun, the level editor is funner, and the online multiplayer is funnerest! DID I MENTION THAT ALL OF THIS IS FREE? That’s right. F-R-E-E. The game looks beautiful, plays awesomely, and never actually ends. There are special “Black Cup” races that can only be unlocked by doing crazy stuff like getting all of the medals in the game and spending 10 minutes in the air. That stuff is really hard to do (unless you cheat and make a custom track solely for that purpose), so you constantly have something to work towards. All in all, Trackmania Nations Forever (you finally know the name of this game! YAY!) is an amazingly well-done, well-rendered masterpiece.

This post is purposely short. Get the game so you know what I’m talking about.

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Hello peasants! I’m here to tell you about THE HUZZAHNIAN GOODWILL COUNCIL. This council has 3 people in it at present. These peepholes are Jack, Max, and Meghan. We chose them by voting, and we attempted to keep the election free and fair. For instance, Matt broke BOTH OF HIS ARMS the day before the election. Silly Matt! However, since our election is free and fair, someone came to his bedside to give his vote. However, someone put AN AD in the voting booth! Of course, it was taken down. Then, someone was asking people to VOTE FOR THEM! (GASP!!) They were kicked out by the scrutineer. Have you ever had a class president/king/evil overlord?

Minecraft- Personal tips

IT’S A PARTAY! #1: Charlie’s blog– basic objects #2: Max’s blog– monsters


This is Minecraft.

No two islands are the same, and there are deserts, mountains, forests and caves.

This is Minecraft.

Hosts of monsters are waiting for you in the dark.

Are you prepared?

Probably, no.

Which is where I come in.

So! You have probably just bought the game and are wondering what to do. I have some tips.

1: Find a tree and cut it down. This is so you can prepare some wood, which is good for a lot of stuff. (Leaves are sorta useless.)

2: Use the wood and turn it into planks. Press “I” to open your inventory and select the wood, then put it in one of the squares on the right.

3: Make sticks with your new planks. Leave 5 or so, because you need to…

4: Make a crafting table. This is so you can…

5: Craft a pickaxe with planks and sticks. You will need it to…

6:Find and mine some coal. This is mandatory to make…

7: Torches. These light up the…

8: Cave you live in. Blockade the entrance(s) with…

9: Stone. This can be mined like coal.

10: Wait. Place torches around your cave so you can see. (or monsters will be in yuur cave!)


Never dig upwards if the ceiling is sand. Sand is affected by gravity, and so is gravel. It will squish you.

Never dig a cave near water. It will fill up you cave and salvage missions are hard.

Never dig straight down. As strange as this sounds, there’s lava down there. You will light on fire and die.

Never bring a sword to a bow fight. Skeletons have better aim than you, and arrows hurt.

As harmless as creepers (the green things) look, they explode. This hurts too.

THE INVISIBLE HINT- (Scroll over it!) Don’t go outside at night. This is when the skeletons, zombies, creepers, and very very large spiders come out.


Of Boom And Blocks

As a player, Roblox is one of my favorite games. The game in itself is completely purposeless, the purpose is left completely to the users. Roblox is the game where you can create a character, 1; fly a plane, 2; or play with dangerous stuff, 3. It’s free to play (FOREVER! W0o0T!) and you can do basically anything you want; 4.