Pysanky Egs.


Even though the name sounds like a dinosaur choking on its own foot, pysanky eggs look very good. I am doing this shortish post on them.

For me, pysanki eggs are mucho annoying to make, because there are very tiny details to pay attention to. However, I enjoy colouring them and thinking about what to put on them. It’s the putting on that’s annoying.

My pysanka egg (not shown) is paper and has traditional drawings on one side and some sort of abstracted doohickeymacallit on the other.

Image credit -Ukrainian eggs/Pisanka (


I am just churning out Minecraft posts like nobody’s business, aren’t I?

As you know by now, the mathematical name of Minecraft is M=B+A+M+S (Minecraft=Blocks+Animals+Monsters+Stuff). We’ve already covered B and part of S. Time to move on to M. (The second one.)
We will start at the easiest to kill (in my opinion) and work up to the hardest.
The spider is easily the wimpiest mob in Minecraft (slimes notwithstanding). All you really need to do is build a wall and wait for it to climb up. When it does, hit it. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
The zombie is the second-wimpiest. As soon as it sees you, it starts growling and moaning, making it easy to notice. Hit, get out of range, wait for it to catch up, hit, repeat.
Yep, these guys. The big face of Minecraft, when these suckers notice you, they will follow you, and when they get close enough, they explode. To kill them, all you need is a bow and arrow.
This, for me, is the hardest mob to kill (I’ve never met a ghast or a Zombie Pigman. Don’t judge me.). Since the have bows and arrows (as well as good aim), they can engage you at a distance, and they also have good HP. Lure one out into the open, then open up with a bow or sword to kill it.
If there’s anything I missed (slimes notwithstanding (again)), please inform me. I’ve never been to the Nether, so don’t ask me about that.

Minecraft-Favorite Screenshots

Minecraft is a beautiful world, and people love to take screenies of it. If you enjoy Minecraft for the view, read on. And drool.


I really like this one because of the waterfall and the texture pack is good as well. Also, who DOESN’T love floating blocks?!


This is an amusing little structure. The glass bit in the middle probably serves some purpose, I just have no idea what.


Once again, the texture pack is very good, and I’m especially proud of the tunnel (far right). This is the only screenshot of my single-player server.


This is all the screenies I have at this point, but feel free to leave a comment on this post with a link to one of your favorite screenies, and I might include it in an upcoming post.

SPECIAL NOTICE: My blog’s name is changing!



Welcome back. Does your house look like that? ^^^ No? Then we have work to do.


  1. Is your house monster-proofed? It needs to be, because if it isn’t, there will be monsters in the house, and that will not be good.
  2. Does the house have windows? It’s useful to be able to see outside.
  3. Is there a tower and/or mine, and/or basement? All of these are useful.
  4. Storage rooms are good for when you need to put things away and your inventory is full.
  5. Is it like a house? Use paintings, custom carpet, and furniture to make it more homeish.
  6. Does it have a moat? Don’t laugh, moats, whether they have water, lava, or burning objects, are extremely useful.


Once you’ve finished with your mine and take the torches out, remember to seal the entrance, otherwise there will be a good amount of monsters in there, and unfortunately most of them will be spiders.

An escape tunnel is good… as long as you remember to put a door on it.

Always, always, ALWAYS lead a creeper away from your house before you attack it. ALWAYS.



Minecraft- Personal tips

IT’S A PARTAY! #1: Charlie’s blog– basic objects #2: Max’s blog– monsters


This is Minecraft.

No two islands are the same, and there are deserts, mountains, forests and caves.

This is Minecraft.

Hosts of monsters are waiting for you in the dark.

Are you prepared?

Probably, no.

Which is where I come in.

So! You have probably just bought the game and are wondering what to do. I have some tips.

1: Find a tree and cut it down. This is so you can prepare some wood, which is good for a lot of stuff. (Leaves are sorta useless.)

2: Use the wood and turn it into planks. Press “I” to open your inventory and select the wood, then put it in one of the squares on the right.

3: Make sticks with your new planks. Leave 5 or so, because you need to…

4: Make a crafting table. This is so you can…

5: Craft a pickaxe with planks and sticks. You will need it to…

6:Find and mine some coal. This is mandatory to make…

7: Torches. These light up the…

8: Cave you live in. Blockade the entrance(s) with…

9: Stone. This can be mined like coal.

10: Wait. Place torches around your cave so you can see. (or monsters will be in yuur cave!)


Never dig upwards if the ceiling is sand. Sand is affected by gravity, and so is gravel. It will squish you.

Never dig a cave near water. It will fill up you cave and salvage missions are hard.

Never dig straight down. As strange as this sounds, there’s lava down there. You will light on fire and die.

Never bring a sword to a bow fight. Skeletons have better aim than you, and arrows hurt.

As harmless as creepers (the green things) look, they explode. This hurts too.

THE INVISIBLE HINT- (Scroll over it!) Don’t go outside at night. This is when the skeletons, zombies, creepers, and very very large spiders come out.



Hey! You! Yeah, you!


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